Master E Turns One - Geelong

First Birthdays - there is so much to celebrate when your child turns one. A whole year of loving them, watching them grow from the tiny baby, to the baby who starts to smile, then laugh, chat, sit, crawl and develop their special little personality.

A year of sleepless nights spent feeding, nappy changes, teething, smiles, laughter, love and joy. So much to celebrate as you child turns one. For this little guys first birthday we celebrated by updating his family photos with a few special ones of him. In years to come he can look back on them, show his children and grandchildren the way his family were when he was one. The way he did the "bum shuffle", rode his little bike he got for his first birthday, played with chickens (one of his favourite things) and how loved he was by his parents.

Here is a little snapshot of this gorgeous Family Session to celebrate Ezra's First Birthday.