Reminiscing of Times Gone By


Once upon a time I lived next to a family I adored.  The boys would come and visit, sometimes scaling the fence to visit and accidentally forgetting to tell their Mum.  They would go to extremes to get to our house, we had a tall gate and they may have worked with each other once or twice to get to the latch.  I would always ask how they got in and they would tell me with pride, feeling a sense of accomplishment of their latest idea . I would always say well we best let Mum know!  

It all started when Max the eldest was so little I can’t remember his age.  I think because he was the eldest and loved coming to play over as they all grew the others followed suit thinking it was the thing to do. Before they moved away it was nothing for one or all 3 to wander in through our back door.  My hubby and I loved it, but especially me.  I loved that they felt at home, that I could be in the kitchen hear our dog bark and have a little face at the back door.  

I recently had a family session with 3 boys similar ages and would you believe two with the same names. It got me reminiscing  of time gone by, so today I went searching for some photos of them and came across their Mum’s gorgeous maternity photos.  Brea kindly did me a favour I wanted some maternity practice.  The next day her little pink bundle arrived earthside.

I love these images and thought they are too beautiful not to share x x