and then there were 6...........

And then there were 6……..

How very special a newborn baby is.  That new squishy goodness to cuddle, to smell, to love on.  Getting to know your new little person, falling more and more in love with them every minute, in this family’s case watching your other children grow and change as you welcome your newest family member.

On a cold Friday morning I arrived at the Fitzgerald family home, I walked into the lounge room to see the newest family member Adeline Violet being doted on by her big sister and 2 older brothers.  Right there in that one little space in the loungeroom the sun gleamed in the window and 4 siblings sat, 3 of them in total awe of their new baby sister, a sister who is yet to know how lucky she is to be part of such a beautiful family.  

We sat and chatted, I asked Miss A what her favourite thing about her new little sister was, as she looked at me then back at Addie she whispered everything. Something so very special right there in those words.  Adeline Violet was so loved, way before she was born.

As I photographed a small part of their story I loved all the little moments.  I have always loved how Matt and Lucy look at each other, from way before they were married.  I still see the very same look in their eyes when they connect so many years later, the beautiful thing is I also see in their children’s eyes in the way they look at their parents, each other and their new baby sister.